We want to create the best experiance possible and make sure everone has a seat who wants to attend in person.  By getting an RSVP for you and those coming with you, it helps us spread out attendance across all of our services.

    Please include all people who will be attending in the Main Auditorium.  Our childrens ministries will be open for 6 weeks through 5th Grade for your children to attend.

    Yes. Same message, same songs, etc.

    You can use the email confirmation we send you to cancel your RSVP so someone else can take your seats and reserve another service if you want or just shoot an email to

    Please choose the service that has the least seats reserved to help balance out attendance.

    Go to our Volunteer page and contact theministry you would like to help out.

    No confirmation is required. We are only trying to estimate how many seats to provide and balance out the attendance across all services.